Playback Apple's HLS VOD, Live and DVR streams in OSMF based players.

Example of OSMF HLS Plugin loaded in:


* Custom M3U8 URL must include ".m3u8" extension and require crossdomain.xml on that server more →

Support Level

  • Email with no guarantee response time;
  • Free updates and bug fixes for 12 month.


  • Support for 1 Domain with unlimited subdomains.


  • Allows Playback of Apple's HLS Format in OSMF based player;
  • Works with Multiple Qualities (Multi-Bitrate);
  • Supports VOD Live and DVR streams;
  • Decodes H.264 Video and AAC / MP3 Audio;
  • Decrypt AES-128 / SAMPLE-AES Encrypted streams;
  • Alternate audio streams support (only VOD).
  • ... more →


What is HLS?
HTTP Live Streaming is an HTTP-based media streaming communications protocol implemented by Apple Inc. as part of their QuickTime X and iPhone software systems. more →
What is OSMF?
Open Source Media Framework simplifies the development of media players by allowing developers to assemble components to create high-quality, full-featured video playback experiences. This open framework enables development focused on web-based video monetization, with lower costs and faster turnaround. more →
What is SMP Player?
Strobe Media Playback is an OSMF based media player that you can quickly and easily integrate into your website. The compiled SWF and its source code are available for free download. more →
What is Grind Player?
Grind Player is my own OSMF based player, similar to Strobe Media Playback. more →
Should I do some changes on content server side?
In most cases, No. If you have infrastructure to deliver video content on iPhone/iPad, then with my plugin you can deliver same content to all browsers with flash plugin installed.
What about analytics?
You can integrate GTrack plugin developed by Realeyes company, and it open source. more →
Can I add iframe with plugin on another domain?
No, you can use OSMF HLS Plugin only on domain that was locked

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